Thursday, December 17, 2009


I learned a very valuable lesson tonight. A lesson that deep in my heart, I knew long ago, but was afraid to admit. I lesson that crushes this mommy's heart.

I can not bake.

There I said it. I admit it. As a mom, I have often dreamed about making cookies with my kids. Baking their birthday cakes (we all remember this post, do we not?). Making cupcakes for their school. Well, praise Jesus they are homeschooled. I would mortify my children.

Yesterday I was looking around
The Pioneer Woman and I saw a really "easy" cookie recipe.

Well. Those sweet little cookies are SO not what I got. Here are my cookies:

Yeah, that blob in the center? Santa. Hot mess in the top right hand corner? Frosty.

Here is take 2. Check out Santa in this one. He looks like he has hit the eggnog a little too hard.

It was a sad, sad night for me. My baking days are OVER! I should have known better. From now on, it's Lofthouse Sugar cookies. I refuse to even think about anything else.

Now if you want me to cook some sesame chicken, I can nail that. So at least I am not a total kitchen failure, I suppose.


Tara Anderson said...

If it makes you feel any better, I could identify all the Christmas shapes...except for that one "iffy" Santa. :) I'm not much of a baker either. In fact, the ONLY time I try it is at Christmas. My Mom on the other hand, makes baked goods prettier than anything you would ever find at a bakery. Once my kids discover that, they probably will rank my baking skills right up there with my sewing skills! LOL!

Good to hear from you. I've noticed you've been quiet on here and was actually going to send you an email later in the day and check in. How's everything going?

Tara. said...

I can't bake either. And I don't like to bake, so it works out for me.

I think your cookies are cute! The people that make those PW looking cookies bake all the time-they've had lots of practice!

I'm sure they tasted delicious though! Even the hot mess Frosty. That cracked me up. LOL

chrissy said...

We made the PW ones last year, too. The kids had fun, but no, the cookies were nothing like her photographs. I can't even make sesame chicken if that makes you feel better.

Blondie said...

Further proof that we have a genetic connection somewhere...

I, too, can cook but I cannot bake. I leave that to the bakeries, Pillsbury, Nestle, and Mika...