Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mad Pumpkin Carving Skills.

I didn't know that I rock when it comes to carving pumpkins. But I do. I totally rock. So I was thinking over the past 29 years, and I honestly don't think I have ever carved a pumpkin. Ever. I had no idea what to expect. We got our pumpkins and I told Thing One and Thing Two that we would carve them tonight. I bought these little kits to use. Thing One chose Star Wars and Thing Two chose princesses (such creatures of habit they are). So we got started, right after we made our own candy apples (yeah, I am a domestic goddess, I know). I created carved pumpkin perfection. I present you with exhibit A:

See? I told you I rock. Anyone want to contract me out to carve their pumpkins?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, you rock girl. Number #2's is my favorite. You can see what it is right away.

I too can't recall the last time I carved a pumpkin so I too was pretty young.

Maybe we will do one too now! :)


Stacie said...

Those are very impressive! I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to try either of those patterns my first time out. At least, not in front of the kids. Too much room for disappointment there!

Blondie said...

Good golly, Miss Molly!

Candy apples, carved pumpkins? Maybe we should just change your name to Martha.

Great pumpkins, though. I'll take a Star Wars and a Buzz Lightyear....or maybe you can just tell me wear you got the kits (please don't say Walmart...)