Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Miracle on Raven Green St

Well whaddya know - my kid ate a vegetable. Not just any vegetable, no no. It was broccoli. Yes, you read that right, BROCCOLI. This is the same kid that just yesterday freaked out about eating a hamburger. Who doesn't like hamburgers?

Here is how it went down. I was making Jameson some broccoli for dinner. Jackson walked in and asked to taste some. He actually asked. I didn't have to hold him down and throw it down his throat. I didn't have to threatened his life. I didn't have to shame him into eating it by saying that his baby brother is eating it. He just ate it. And he liked it. He liked it. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. Of course tonight, he may spend the whole night on the toilet, with his little body in shock. But he ate it.

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Stacie said...

Too funny! I hope that vegetable introduction doesn't throw his body into shock. And I hope it is the start of more adventuresome tastes to come!