Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Ahh... relaxation... It's a beautiful thing, isn't it? Brad has a work conference this week in Orlando. At first, I just assumed that he could come alone, while I stayed home with the kids. With us saving every free penny for our adoption, there was just no way we could plan a trip to Orlando.

I told Brad I would help make arrangements for him. You know, back in the pre-adoption days, we would come down to Orlando a couple times a year. I know my way around here better than I know my way around the town I live in!

Anyway, I started looking for hotels and such. Brad had a set conference budget, so it was important to stretch his money as far as it would go. The hotel that is hosting the conference was offering rooms for $129 a night.  I knew I could do better than that. So I got busy, and I actually found him a condo to rent for $62 a night! The beauty of that? It is a three bedroom condo! So we decided that we would all come. We could hang out at the condo, just as easily as we could hang out at our house. So here we are!

We started planning this trip months ago. Since we knew that we were coming, we decided to use our Disney Visa like a check card to accumulate points. We were very careful to pay off each transaction, and use it just like we would a debit card. Right after we decided to do that, we got a promotion in the mail offering like 3 times the rewards. So we racked up the points! We ended up with enough to do something really fun while we are here. We aren't 100% sure what that will be yet. Brad is tied up all day tomorrow, but he will be free some on Thursday.  Then on Friday, his conference is over at noon. That evening, my in-laws are coming to spend the weekend here with us. I am so excited. We always have a great time with them.

It really feels good to get away from "life" for a little bit. We just got here today. I went to the grocery store and bought us food. For dinner, the kids had a lunchable and I had a can of soup. You know what? It was delicious ! LOL! Now I am sitting here with my laptop, resting and enjoying just being here. Plus, my kids were so beat, they went to bed at 7:30! It's so quiet!

I am not sure what we will be doing tomorrow. The condo we are staying at has a really nice pool. We had to close our pool at home because the water temp was just too cold. So, the kids are looking forward to swimming here. Maybe I will drag my kids to Ikea. HAHA. Whatever we end up doing, I am just glad that we are here.

I really needed some away time. Life has been hard for a while.  I am looking forward to enjoying my children and enjoying my favorite city on Earth!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy yourself, Michele. You and Brad certainly deserve it. Hope you have tons of fun.


Beth said...


chrissy said...

How fun! I always enjoy tagging along on work trips, it's actually a lot more enjoyable when it's not coming out of my pocket. I'm so glad you're getting a nice break. Enjoy it!

Stephanie said...

How AWESOME! Enjoy your time together AWAY from it all.

Tara Anderson said...

Glad you're all able to enjoy a little time away! Have lots of fun!!!

The Raudenbush Family said...

Oh, I wish I were there! Though I have to say that I'd be splurging and heading over to see Mickey...I'd be going through withdrawal if I didn't.

Cheri said...

Enjoy your getaway. I wanted you to know, too that I saw a little girl over at http://sharinglifeandlove.blogspot.com/
and her name was Willow and it made me think of you. It is a close name. She sure is a cutie. I don't know you list of special needs, but my children have both of these and they are manageable for us. Hoping you find your daughter soon.