Saturday, May 29, 2010


I thought while we waited for our travel approval, I would write a little blog about "us". This whole site is a "journal" for Willa, so to speak, so I thought maybe she would like to read (one day) how her family came to be.

I met Brad in 1999 at a church I visited. Interestingly enough, we had known the same people for years, but Jesus never intended our paths to cross until that night in June 1999. I went to church that night, and he was leading worship. Funny thing, I didn't wear my glasses like I was suppose to back then, so I couldn't actually see him. We met, hit it off, and was "boyfriend/girlfriend" 2 weeks later! He actually asked me to be his girlfriend! Isn't that sweet?

We had been dating for a year when he told me that he wanted to move to Fort Worth. I was devastated. We talked for a long time about what we would do. We decided that I would move, too. So we packed up all of our stuff and moved to Texas. At first, it was great. I got my own apartment. I had a great job. Brad was doing well at the seminary. We had been there a week or so when he proposed. It was super sweet, and we were very excited. We talked about setting a date - it was a week before Labor Day weekend and that seemed good to us. LOL. So we went to get our marriage license and Brad's friend married us at my little apartment. We went to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner and that was that. It was exactly what we wanted and even now, almost ten years later, we are glad we did it that way!

We were in Texas for a couple of months when I started getting homesick. I mean really homesick. After a lot of talking about it, we decided to transfer to Wake Forest, NC. So in January, we moved back to the east coast.

So we settled in in Wake Forest. We were

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