Friday, June 20, 2008

I am typing this post with my nose.

Seriously, I can barely move my arms. We got a Wii!!! I have been playing non stop since. I am not kidding. This thing ROCKS! I am so sore. I am using muscles I didn't know exsisted. I have created a little Mii that looks just like me! I even created a "Brad", complete with long hair and a goatee. I rock at bowling. Once in real life, I bowled a three. Yes, a THREE. So I was stoked that on the Wii, I actually can bowl like 160. I really feel like I am awesome at bowling now. I also rock at tennis. Well, when I play alone. I did play Jackson today and he whipped my butt. But still - I am excited. Now I need to go buy Wii Fit, so I might actually exercise. Ok, that was funny just typing it out. That is just extreme. I am having fun though!


Stacie said...

You seriously need to talk to Janna. They are (of course) a Wii family and she has been doing Wii fit. She is not very impressed with the Mii it came up with for her though. Hehehe.

Stacie said...

Darn, can't edit my comment. Meant to link you to Janna's blog. Have you seen it? ;-) She's doesn't update often's Janna!