Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Babysitter of the year!

I am nominating myself for that award. I deserve it! Unfortunately, I do NOT deserve the mommy and housewife of the year award. Today, in a desperate attempt to avoid laundry, I decided to curl Salem's hair with the curling iron. I have a tiny barrel one that would work great in her hair. So I sit her down and curl her whole head. Now keep in mind that Salem is 16 months old. She has quite a bit of hair that is stick straight. I knew her mom would be picking her up soon, so I thought it would be nice to doll her up. She sat completely still the entire time, a girl after my own heart. Well, I was so wrapped up with playing beauty shop, I forgot that I have a 16 month old little BOY who does not sit still. Ever. When I got done with Salem, I thought, hmmm... I haven't seen Jamey in a while. I get up to go looking for him. I saw that the gate to downstairs was wide open. Rut ro. I got down there in like a tenth of a second. Too late. He was in the laundry room packing his cheeks for winter with cat food. EW. I fished the fish flavored food out of his mouth and took him to wash his hands. I am so completely repulsed as I rush him up the stairs. It occurs to me that inches from the cat food is the litter box. Oh. My. GAWWWDDDDD. That was a close call. Thank the lord for small favors, right? Suddenly, the fish flavored cat food seemed like an awesome snack. haha!!

I am a rockin mom. Jealous?

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