Monday, February 25, 2008

What a frickin day!

So I decided today to be productive. I got up, which that alone was an accomplishment, and cleaned. I cleaned bedrooms, the kitchen, living room, den, and bathroom. I fed and cleaned my children, twice. And then I headed outside to work in the yard, with my children in tow. I replanted a cypress, replanted some azaleas and raked. It looks pretty good too, might I add. Well, it was while I was digging that I realized I hadn't seen Penny in a while. Hmmm... a LONG while. So I came inside and called her, no Penny. I rang the door bell, no Penny. I was started to get worried. I called Brad. He said he wasn't certain he let her back in this morning after she went out. Ok, that was 3 hours ago. Our back yard is fenced in but with 3 hours to kill, she can figure out how to escape. And that she did. So I pile my children in the van and road down the street yelling her name. I am sure my neighbors thought I had lost my mind. Anyway, after looking for about 15 minutes, I found her down the street playing in someone's yard. Did she come when I called her? No. I had to get out and go running (a sight in and of itself) in to someone's yard and get her. Alls well that ends well, but I could have lived without all the drama today.

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